Elements- Wax Melts

Elements- Wax Melts

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Earth- sweet orange, patchouli, and woods
Air - cotton, air, and cashmere
Water - sea salt, aloe, and citrus
Fire - bergamot, woods, tonka
Moon- citrus, berries, tonka
Ice- spearmint, peppermint, rosemary
Light- citrus, berries, cashmere
Thunder- herbaceous florals, citrus, bergamot
Force -woods, lavender, vanilla
Flower- apricot, lavender, citrus
Shadow - black currant, blackberries, saffron
Time - parchment, woods, leather books


Description:  1.5oz of coconut wax blend. Snap bars will be packaged in biodegradable bags. 

To Use: Snap the desired amount ( 1/3 of a bar for most spaces) place in your wax warmer, and enjoy the comforting fragrance.

Weight : Approximately 1.5oz (43g); Please note that snap bars are hand poured so actual weight may vary slightly.