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Trauma Bonds- Perfume

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Ten Seconds - a complex blend of citrus, sandalwood, and amber
Into the Rain -a fresh blend of grass, rain, and mint
Spicy Memories - a woodsy blend of Mahogany, teakwood, and spices
Dark Humor - a mysterious blend of blackberry, peony, and vanilla
Grow Where Planted - a green blend of leaves, freshly cut flowers, and ivy
Mostly Tears -a fresh blend of sea salt, agave, and woods

Captive Audience-a bakery blend of brown sugar, fig, and butterscotch

To Use: Apply directly to skin. For best results store in a cool dry place

Ingredients: Organic Sugarcane Alcohol, Fragrance

Roller Bottle Net wt. 0.3 oz (9g)
Spray Bottle Net wt. 2 oz (56g)
Spray Bottle Net wt. 4 oz (112g)